Best Training/Nutrition Books

Hey guys,

What’s your best training or nutrition books that you usually use as a bible to build your training programs or Nutrition program?

McRObert’s handbook of weight training technique is indispensable to anyonw ho lifts weights. Buy it and keep it around for refreshers on proper form.

I draw inspiration from Dinosaur Training, one of the best training and motivational books ever, and the Wrestling Physical conditioning encyclopedia.

As far as programs, I usually use one from t-mag with modifications.

I think Ian King’s “Book of Muscle” is a great book although advanced lifters are not likely to get a whole lot out of it. It has tons of great pictures, exercise descriptions and sample programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters.

The best nutrition book, hands down, is Tom Venuto’s, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” I cannot say enough about how well organized and well written this book is. No industry jargon, big scientific terms or mind boggeling-boring indebth science…just the how-to-get-it-done facts. You will NOT be disappointed.
Mike C./Atlanta

I just use the T-Nation archives. Berardi and Lowery’s nutrition articles are better and more up to date than any book. Add in Waterbury and Thibaudeau for training and why buy a book?

Then again maybe I’m just a cheap bastard!

I will say that ‘Book of Muscle’ would be good for a beginner. Read the T-Jacks on this one.