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Best Training Day Splits

Of course different training splits may work well for some and not for others, I’ve been doing a 3 days on, 1 day off split. Cardio in the AM and weights in the PM and absolutely no training of any kind on the day off. What other splits are people using and why? Thanks.

My favorite split is

Day 1: Back, Chest, Shoulders
Day 2: Biceps, Triceps, Wrists
Day 3: Legs, Calves
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Back, Chest, Shoulders
Day 6: Biceps, Triceps, Wrists
Day 7: Legs, Calves
Day 8: Rest

I like this split because it allows for at least 72 hours of rest between arms and 96 hours of rest before hitting legs or heavy pushing and pulling again. As well as 48 hours between heavy pushing and pulling and legs. Rest is just as important as your eating plan in bodybuilding and both are more important then the actual training endured. I believe a lot of splits neglect this important fact.

This split also concentrates blood in regions close to each other for your workout such as the arms, legs or torso allowing for better pumps and performance leading to better stretching of fascia, capillary production and other sarcoplasmic muscle hypertrophy.

I also feel that after the first body part is worked the nervous energy produced can be built upon and used for the next one as long as short rest concise periods (15-45 seconds between sets and 2-3mins between body parts) are used without distraction (i.e. reading a magazine, texting, reading a magazine, or whatever could be considered not concentrating). Semantics aside, I believe concentration means visualizing what your going to do during the next set during the rest period and focusing on feeling the motion your going through as you do it.

I think Holymac will be posting soon that you will be interested in

Day 1: Heavy Chest / Back / Traps
Day 2: Light Delts / Bis / Tris
Day 3: Heavy Legs
Day 4: Light Chest / Back / Traps
Day 5: Heavy Delts / Bis / Tris
Day 6: Light Legs

Days off only as needed if feeling rundown (rare) or for social obligation that makes getting to gym impossible.

Alternating heavy and light days keeps training fresh for me.