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Best Training Article Ever


T-mag is getting huge. No doubt about it. That's great, but with so many new readers the forum tends to get a lot of the same questions coming in. To help out those new readers, I'd like to start a series of posts about your favorite T-mag articles. That way the newer readers can go check them out and get up to speed. It will also allow the "old school" regulars to see what articles have really influenced their peers.

So, let's start with training. What's the best training article you've read at T-mag? Answer with the title and a link. For example, say, I like "Pop'em Out Muscles" by John Paul Catanzaro. You can find it here: www.t-mag.com/articles/191pop.html

I'll choose one person at random who posts the name and the link to receive either a bottle of MAG-10 and a Testosterone T-shirt or two bottles of Myostat and a shirt, your choice. Let's hear it.


One of my favorite training articles is "The Dead Zone" by Dave Tate


Being a Lurch (6'6"), the deadlift is one of the few exercises that I can move quite a bit of weight. By the way, this is a great thread! I'm looking forward to seeing what articles have inspired others...Matt


My favorite article was "Say good bye to your weakest links" by Me. Just kidding. I really enjoyed John Davies "Grip and Rip" article. you can find it here: www.testosterone.net/articles/217grip.html


Escalating Density Training by Charles Staley found at www.t-mag.com/articles/196dens.html


Personally, I'm a huge fan of Charles Staley's programs: Escalating Density Training,

www.t-mag.com/articles/196dens.html, and Convergent Phase Training,


The "Winning Formula" By: John Berardi



John Davies article titled Renegade Training found here... www.testosterone.net/articles/166rene.html


It is not a single article but a series of articles by the same person: Dave Tate on westside protocols for periodisation and tricksand tips to increase bench and squat. Every athlete, not just powerlifter, who wants to get stronger or is looking for a new workout protocol will benefit from those articels. I train westside style four times a week for sometime now, and my LBM went up too even though I was more interested in strengh (trained for 10 years before starting it). So bodybuilders can also give it a try for a couple of months; at the very least they will get stronger.


Meltdown training a great training program to build muscle and lose some adipose tissue:


Chris - This is way too difficult to pick just one training article. The diet one is easy. Anyway, the article that opened my eyes up more than any other was the Periodization Bible Part 2 by Dave Tate.


Whether you train WSB or not, this article is loaded with exceptional amounts of useful information that anybody can add to their programs.


Chris, here's one of the best: "Escalating Density Training" by Charles Staley. Here's the www.t-mag.com/articles/196dens.html


Fat to Fire - John Davies www.testosterone.net/articles/190fat.html


Forgot the links:

Training and Periodization:














Big Poliquin fan that I am, I'm gonna to have to go with his forearm routine found here:



The forearm routine was great, but how could I forgot the most important Poliquin article of all time? "Training with Maximal Weights" is a must read.



"The Top Nine Exercises for Functional Strength" by John Davies. Found at www.t-mag.com/articles/170top9.html .

I always attempt to included as many of these (or one of its variations) into my program.


Any thing by Charles Poliquin have had amazing success with his programs and advice.
One of his best training articles can be found at Issue One "Maximal Weights" goto: http://testosterone.net/html/1maxim.html


Long time reader first time post...
I really enjoyed,

"Short Topic: 100/100" by The Editors

Great routine to throw in for a couple weeks every few months. It will kick your butt if you pay attention to your tempo and use the right poundage... Add a 15 minute hard run at the end of your workout and it is a great fat burner too.


I would have to say my favorite training article is "Fat to Fire" by Coach Davies, one of the most challenging workouts i've ever completed. Its gotta be on of the "best" ways to lose fat and whip your butt into condition. You can find it in issue 190 of T-Mag, Chris, great idea, i'm not very new to the site, have been here for around a year, and its great, great idea about getting all the favorite articles out in the open, thanks alot, deuce


Sorry about that, you can find Fat to Fire here.....