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Best Training and Diet for Natural?

Hi all. Just want to say hello to Christian Thibaudeau. Excuse my very bad English. Sorry, I’ll be happy with any opinion from anyone and Christian. I am interested in his opinion. I started practicing at home 2 years ago. I trained with a dumbbell arm. Eventually I began to read books at home and started practicing squats, Benchpress, dead strokes with jednoruÄ?kami.Nakonec despite the crisis that has met me and I lost my career and money, I began to strengthen in the gym.

I have read in Czech, and sometimes foreign forums, sites, theories, advice, opinions on muscle hypertrophy. I have read parts of books such as: Strengthening the AZ Encyclopedia of reinforcement from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mitznera techniques and Dorian Yates as HIT and Heavy Duty. I have read a GVT training, Bear, KORT, HIT, etc. 5 years ago I had about 75 kg weight and had a skinny body, I had no arms, no back to the V, I had both hands spaghetti. Even though I did not, I can not move. I tried to perfect odcviÄ?it Korte, GVT 10x10 and 10x6, Bear me now waiting for another new practice.

Although I have 90 kg, but a lot of fat and want to increase my arm, got back into shape in power, not the chest, and slowly it also wants to move too. I studied theory: a partial repetition negatativní stage movements, sparring and helping a lot of things was tried. Arm I tried to practice from the beginning rather slower pace up 2-3 Secunda Secunda and 3-4 down, now I work out most dynamic 1-2 Secunda Secunda up and 2 down. I exercise on an inclined bench, sitting, standing with a big stick.

Arm practicing a wide range of reps with heavy weight 4 reps and out mostly to 8-10 reps, sometimes 12-15 reps. The arm usually do about 6-10 each series as a whole. For a harder workout, I tried to reduce the interval to 1.5 minutes further on and finally 1minutu 45secund. Similarly, I tried to train system 21 and the mechanical series, perhaps biceps.zvdih nadhmatem after failure podhmatem after failure of hammer stroke.

What interests me is there any important food that speeds muscle recovery and helps to significantly increase muscle mass? I eat enough protein, carbohydrates and fats. It even healthier fats from nuts, olive oil, sometimes a whole egg. Otherwise I protein from meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, protein powder isolate, carbohydrates have pastries, flakes, fruits and vegetables, rice, potatoes and pasta. Sufficiently drink about 4-5 liters of fluid a day and a lot of sleep 7-9 hours a day.

What would you advise me how to force the game to grow, what games are worth to train more slowly and they very quickly dynamically? Today, when I practiced GVT, so I practiced in Bear dynamically rather squat, deadlift, curls, bench press, etc.

It’s worth a lot of brake dumbbell in a negative phase due to greater damage to muscle fibers? When it depletes more power? I need to build both strength and mass. And now you really do not know, 2 years and I am looking for information, the more I read the more confused I have of it. It pays to train biceps, lifting heavy weights as dynamically (at heavyweight only intend to travel with a dynamic weight too fast can not lift) the weight of medium and lighter? Or is the ideal medium and small scales to be rising more slowly 3-5 Secunda and down slowly as well?

What do you think of the super-slow repetitions? I understand that the more muscle fiber types. Therefore, most fibers nsažím strengthened by the fact that I do wide range of recurrence from about 4-15 reps, I put all the weights dynamically. Please any advice on what the practice would help. I’m trying to watch the exercises with equipment, and muscles feel, but there is something about how I was doing that, almost mineral.

An example is the biceps, where opinions diverge as we train, what number of times, whether dynamically or slowly, how many series, whether the failure mooooc etc. Thank you. Sincerely, Luke from the Czech Republic


It seems like you’ve tried many different training routines, but how long have you used one routine before changing to something else? The people that really succeed, no matter what type to routine they follow, stick with those routines for months and even years at a time before considering any big change.

One thing Thib wrote that really stuck with me was to look at strength training as practicing the lifts. Not only should you try for more weight or more reps, but more importantly try to perform your reps better. Only go up in weight and or reps when you have mastered the lift at that weight and rep range. Far too often in my own training I started using more weight or reps when the routine said to, but my body wasn’t ready for it and I’d wind up frustrated or hurt. Not good at all. Get to know your own body and you’ll be able to figure out when to progress.

You mentioned negatives. They can be used but they’re tough to recover from if you do them all the time. Control the weight on the negative, but don’t purposely slow down.

As for diet, all the foods you listed are good sources of nutrients. Not so much the pastries, but everything else is ok. If you are looking to gain mass, work hard in the gym and eat more. And eat whole eggs, they’re good for you. :slight_smile:

Hello. Thank you for your contribution. Sometimes you are subscribed to the system went a month sometimes only 1-2 weeks for arm muscles shocked me unceasingly. Otherwise, total training, I always went to train as they have. In today’s and yesterday I went to the site to help Google a lot of articles, theories, and I have read some books again on hypertrophy, the number of repetitions of different muscle fibers, and other information related thereto. But I’m not the wise. It states there is a lot like the conflicting versions of the exercises.

For example, arm-biceps muscle is important in practice for some time and live it … Southern states, it’s not needed. In some states Exercise and Play the dynamic lift, lift elsewhere indicates 2 seconds and 4 seconds down. Then I found the theory super-slow repetitions at a time 5.6 seconds, 10 seconds up and down the load. And lots of other information in my head made â??â??real mess. PS: by the whole egg, egg whites very well. Before, I ate a whole egg, but since I went into a little bit of fat made â??â??up my stomach, watching carbs, fats, and try to eat fat rather more limited and the sound of nuts, oliv.oleh, fish, etc. Otherwise, thanks so much for view. Luke