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Best Training Accessory?


Got one for everyone out there....
If you could have one training accessory what would it be?
Suggestions appreciated!!


A good, reliable partner. That is the best accessory.


There was a poll on this a while ago, i think keeping a training journal came out on top.

It should be in the "T-Nation war room" forum i think.


Got it...Thanks!!
I suppose that I may be trying to think a bit more outside the box (i.e.-sandbags or rings, etc).


A big freakin hammer. When not using it for training it can be used for fixing cars, lawnmowers, etc...


Still thinking inside the box, but I tihnk chalk is the best accessory. I cleaned an extra 10kg on monday and I'm sure half the reason was because my grip was absolutely rock solid.

I was also deadlifting on tuesdy and cos' I had no straps I tried hook gripping the bar. I could only get one rep at a time. I know this wouldn't have been a problem if I'd had chalk.

The other best accessory would have to be a gram of test a week!


Barbell and bumpers. Do the bumpers count as two things?