Best Topical Lipolytic Agent/Cream

What are the top and effective lipolytic creams on the market?

I’ve heard some good feedback on Abliderate Advanced and Eviscerate Smolder, but that’s about it.

i thought they were a thing of the 90’s. That said, I have seen reference to some research done on topical licorice extract creams, on this site, I think.

I also thought the same thing but apparently not. Some recent studies (posted on pubmed) were conducted, comparing it to placebo. The results favored these lipolytic creams.

Anyone? Would be interested in hearing any responses. There was an article by Dr. Serrano on here a while back that advocated liquorice cream, about half way down the page. Does this compare to the latest and more “cutting edge” ones that would have come out since this pretty dated article? Where does the liquorice cream stand?

You can find a ton of feedback with the two you mentioned if you get googling. Im a big fan of Abliderate Advanced especially. I see good results everytime. Be careful with Eviscerate, topical capsaicin is no joke.

These are the only two I have tried but Im a big believer in topicals. Currently experimenting with topical formestane.

Are lipolytic creams only used to increase abdominal definition, or do you guys use them on other areas of the body as well?

Some people use them for contest prep on other areas. I know Eviscerate works all over the body, but I only had the stones to use it on abs and chest fat.

I’m pretty sure Abliderate Advanced is used only on the abdomen areas. Been a while since I ran it.

I’d have to look around to see others. Topical form I’m using on my sides and shoulders to help with absorption, but it isn’t a targeted topical it’s systemic.