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Best Tips to Keep Shoulders Healthy?

Was wondering if anyone has some good tips to keep shoulders healthy. I’m training towards a big bench and need some tips to keep shoulders healthy.

Lots of warmup
Lots of rows
Lots of pullaparts/face pulls
But… Do everything in moderation.
Have a plan and stick to it.

I have torn everything over the years, mostly due to two things:
(1) When I tried something new and didn’t have the form down.
(2) When I was trying to show off.

Have personally only ever tweaked stuff/minor injury

Stay away from notoriously shoulder fucking up exercises e.g. Behind the neck press, upright rows, thumbs down/internal rotated lateral raises etc.

Depends how wide you grip but do the majority of your training away from max comp legal grip especially if you tend to flare your elbows.

Program intelligently. Control training variables to minimise chance of injury

Manage fatigue well e.g deloading, eating and sleeping properly

L Flys

Any tips for elbows and wrists too? I want to waste as little time as possible with aches and pains and injuries.

Still dis. Mismanaged overuse injuries turn chronic and are a pain (bad dum tss) forever after. Tricep Tendonitis is what immediately comes to mind.

Wrap up within reason i.e. wrist wraps as a preempt injury but no elbow sleeves which will give you assistance and a false sense of confidence

If your body proportions are such that a wide grip places your wrist in an awkward position i.e. not stacked straight over the elbow avoid comp/wide grip for the majority of your training.