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Best Tips for Recovery?

Best tips for recovery? I’ve been doing contrast showers and trying to get my sleep down. All advice is appreciated

Eat as much as you can (if you want semi decent body composition rephrase that to as much as you can without getting fat). Sleep as much as possible. Eat tons of veggies and drink lots of water. Avoid crappy foods.

In this order: food, sex, sleep, masturbation, deload.

Contrast showers have almost never helped me.


Recovery strategies like contrast showers are best used after competition rather than training.

Methods of recovery like that reduce the fatigue enduced by the training dose. If you reduce the fatigue from the training you reduce the positive training effect.

Food, sleep and active rest such as walking are good ways to improve recovery without reducing the training effect.

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That’s what I was going to say, it improves recovery but impedes adaptation.


Don’t kick the girl out and you can skip the 4th part.

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Recovery rule number 1 - Don’t train beyond your recovery abilities.


Unfortunately most people have no idea what their recovery abilities are.


The fourth part is essential, notably after the training day. :grin: