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Best Tips for Improving?


I've been training hard and seriously for 8 months now and while I've made some excellent progress, I am pushing for more.

I have consistency, working hard and time imprinted on my brain. I know strength takes time and I'm now in for the next 10 years.

However I'm interested to know if there were any turning points or cross roads in your lifting that allowed you to really kick on and improve. Be it nurtition, frequency, technique. Was there a moment when things really clicked into place?


wen superpump MAX came out

dood all my lifts went up liek 100 lbs after one workout


The day I discovered TNation all my lifts went up by 100 lbs...honest to Crom truth.


pushing the protein over 300g, and simply getting confindence under the bar


Odds are that you should squat more. Nothing better I ever did for my training than start squatting 3-4 times a week.


I learned to eat big and then I got big. Then I learned to eat big and healthy and things got even better.


T-Nation and Squats ( back squats loaded with weight, 1 legged squats)

Oh, and T-Nation!


Nutrition is a must!


Hard work will trump just about any other variable. When I started training for powerlifting, my program was inconsistant and not very well thought out. I still trained really hard and made progress even though I was still playing college football and acting like a stupid college kid for most of spare time.

Take the time to learn the technique and learn what your weaknesses are. Once you figure out what you suck at, read, watch videos, talk to people stronger than you, and learn every single thing you possibly can on how to make it so you don't suck at it anymore. The sooner you do, the better off you will be later on.

Keep with it man. I have been lifting weights for a little over 13 years now. I am just starting to make sense of this stuff.


Thanks for the replies, funny thing is, I've squatted 3 times this week (a huge weakness) and today i have eated a fuck load of protein.

Just 12 years and 4 months till i start figuring stuff out, man I better get my head down....


Bestest luck in the future





Find people that are already where you want to be, and emulate them. This works in alot of areas.



Eat until you are full. Then eat some more. Eat until your stomach hurts. Go to bed. Repeat.