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Best Tips for Creating a V Taper?


My dad was 6’3 and had pretty wide clavicles and narrow hips. Guess i got the short straw of his genetics… :slight_smile:


Is this serious or no?


What do you mean bro?


They are just joking around. There’s a troll, or someone with deep-seated body image issues, that sometimes come on the forums writing about clavicle lengthening and how he needs it because of how he’s built.


It’s not the first time either


I’m beginning to think the secret to these medial delts is about 500mg of Test E.


Yeah it was a repost. Anybody that has tried this routine? https://www.t-nation.com/training/for-big-shoulders-ditch-the-free-weights


Any effective taper will always be the result of an individual physique and it’s proportions to itself. The big factor will always start off being genetic structure.

My younger brother is 6’0 with a naturally wide wing span and normal waist, while I’m 5’8 and definitely more blocky looking. Now while I couldn’t ever change my skeletal structure to match his, I was able to beef up my medial delts and lats to make them look much meatier in comparison to my own waist.

I’ll also add that plenty of the guys you see on IG these days never train lower body, or with crazy full body compound movements that might build a thickly muscled midsection. Sure they may “work their abs” but its a very different approach than what a cross fit or strongman competitor would do. As such, with a bit of pullups and shoulder work, they’ve found a trick to create a physique that resembles a letter Y -lol.



I’m short, blocky and my hips are wide, but I can put a lot of meat on my delts, traps and lats. That’s as close as I’ll ever get to a v-taper, but I’m okay with that. Do lots of heavy deadlifts, rows, chin-ups, and power cleans, and eat to add muscle.


You remember in Rocky IV when you see Ivan’s silhouette, and it’s just the sickest fucking V taper ever? That image was one of the main reasons I ever picked up a barbell.