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Best Tips for Creating a V Taper?

I have pretty good chest and tricep development, but my lats, traps, medial and posterior shoulders are lagging. What are your best tips for getting that aestetic v taper and looking as wide as possible?

Get your waistline as small as possible


How are you training your upper/mid back and shoulders?

I think there’s a specific workout for that (or at least exercise tip).

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Diet, diet, diet. Also add low impact pump work for lats and delts to every workout. I do 3-4 sets of chins daily, and 3 to four sets of lateral raises daily.

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Interesting. I’ve been contemplating something similar.

After two months of doing this my chest measurement went up 1.75 inches

That’s awesome

Every time my chest measurement increases it’s due to back fat. :laughing: :slightly_frowning_face:


Do 100 lateral raises every day
Do 50 chin-ups every day

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Another voice supporting chins and pull ups. Do a set of 3 between everything you do at the gym. Do weighted chins in various rep ranges if possible. Accumulating volume for the lats on a weekly basis seemed to bring about the most progress for me. Aside from pull ups, try to pick back exercises where grip is nowhere near the limiting factor or use straps.

Straight arm pull downs make me feel like my lats are big. Haven’t done them consistently enough or progressively (i.e. adding weight on a consistent and tracked basis) to know if they specifically are beneficial. But they help me feel my lats working much more dominantly/actively in any back based movements I do after.

Ab wheel work could be good as well, hits the trunk musculature (obviously) and also the lats relatively hard (when back is fatigued).

Another advocate for back work here. I train my back every single day I train. Some days heavy, some days light, some days high volume or low volume etc. Just do a lot of it. Also, I incorporated a lot of lat raises for 20-30 reps immediately followed by a minute of continuous machine lateral raises. That superset done for ~5 rounds helped my medial head development a lot. Steer clear of neck or trap work for a while if those are already fairly well developed.

I think it’s all about delt size and lat size (along with, of course, being lean). So Pull ups, rows, overhead pressing and lateral raises would be staples to hammer regularly.

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Sorry, I had to.

EDIT: Paul Carter just posted an article today listing exercises for medial delts.


First, how wide is your clavicle?


I’m medially annoyed

Not too wide, i’m only 5’9 so i don’t have the biggest frame

Then you will never have wide shoulders, no matter what you do. See a doctor. They can help.

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Fuck me.

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Haha, I really didn’t want to have to quote you there man, but the medial discussion is still fresh on my mind!

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