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Best Timing of E2 Sensitive Labwork

I am trying to figure out my dosage of Arimidex. I am currently taking 150mg testosterone enanthate weekly (75mg E3.5). Before introducing Arimidex my E2 sensitive was ~50, after month of taking 0.25mg of Armidex twice a week at the day of injection my E2 got dropped to 12.5. The lab was done right before injection/arimidex. I was thinking about dropping dosage of Arimidex to 0.125 twice a week to bump up E2 level however I am not sure if I should do another lab work at peak (24-48h after injection/arimidex). When do you guys test your E2, peak, trough or somewhere between?

IF your E2 is 12 you really should stop taking your AI and wait for symptoms or your next blood test. I have always thought your T cyp or T e peaked somewhere between 24 to 48 hours and your E2 followed so 48 to 72 hours.

That said if you want your peak E2 draw blood 72 hours post injection. If you are injecting 3 or more times a week then just draw your blood whenever there really is no peak or trough that could be measured.




Rephrase that guys… holy shit do not take that medicine… again For your own sake don’t take armidex. You are already way too low with the e2 bro. Google low Estrogen side effects. They are horrid :confused:

The doctor is stupid. I had 23 and my doc gave me the same. I did t take it. Weeks later my e2 is 27. Don’t screw yourself .

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Do yourself a favor and Go look up tot revolution round tables on estrogen. Find my profile and email me if you can’t.

Thanks Guys for the input, i am putting away Arimidex for now. I will test my E2 in a month or will wait for symptoms.
So target E2 for most is 22, is that number at peak or through or average of both?

NO Everyones sweet spot for E2 is different. There is no one number to rule them all.

In general if you have low SHGB a lower E2 works better 22-30 If your SHGB is high you can run higher E2 30-45 but again you have to try the different levels and see what feels best to you.

All of that ratio or e2= 22 was bro science. Some loved it and others hated it.

Based on recent information and science we are seeing evidence that e2 is beneficial for cardiovascular, bone health, mood, muscle growth, and much more. Check out dr Nichols on the tot revolution pod casts. They talk allot about this…

So the goal is to let your body convert test to e2 naturally. After a couple months it will level out and you can then look at your quality of therapy.

Not all side effects from more testasterone are high e2. For instance nipple sensitivity was bad first 5 weeks. 6/7 weeks in its subsidies. They were right.

Most folks feel like death low 20s and in the teens. You might feel better with higher e2. You won’t know until you wait and let the body adapt.

I hope that helps. You need to get the trt bible by jay cambell and start educating yourself thoroughly. This is hard juju And don’t trust your doctor fully. Most are practicing and nobody is perfect.

I would take cypionate if your body is never going to create t naturally.

There is two different routes you can take to get control of estrogen, (1) decrease the AI by half (.125 2x weekly) or (2) split up your shots M/W/F or EOD and you may not even need the AI at all.

If you can get your doctor to write a prescription, Empower Pharmacy has .125 and Hallandale has 0.050 anastrozole. The anastrozole pills are almost impossible to cut up beyond 1/4s.

It would be better is you chose the route that doesn’t include an AI, long term usage of AI’s is not good for you. Break up your shots and lose weight.

One could argue that you should not be concerned with what your E2 level is unless you are having symptoms that may be caused by elevated E2. Some TRT doctors do not block aromatase and therefore do not even check E2. Some guys do just fine with high or even very high E2.

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I agree but when should you worry about it? Within the first month I think it’s pointless. Have no clue where the body will end up after several week right?

I would always check it but more out of curiosity than anything else. Some guys just have it in their head that they will turn into a woman if it elevates. Maybe they shouldn’t check it.

Yah I don’t want to think about it. I’ll chdck it to see what my dosage is doing and how I feel.

Someone said to go in auto pilot. Doing touch think or ponder on your trt. Just do it and be patient. I am trying to do this but can’t wait… /so much misery over the last 2 years.: I’m jsut ready to get back to life… fuck… I will probably disappear when this shit starts working… I’ll have so many things to do when I have my beautiful mind and body back .

So it’s best to get blood work checking E2 on peak or trough?