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Best Times to Take a Supplement?


whens the best time to take whey protein and i take advocare spark every morning is this to much and is it ok to take 3000 to 4000 miligrams of fish oil every day with these and how much is to much protein


the best time to supplement your diet depends on your diet. Usually, i would advise you to consume whey protein sometime around your training, so either the meal before workout or the meal you are having after workout.

If you have a long time window (2-3+ hours) either before or after working out when you cannot get a 'real' meal, that would be the perfect place for whey supplementation

i googled "advocare spark" and it seems to be some sort of vitamin/electrolyte mixture with added caffeine. Whether this is 'too much' (the caffeine) depends on your personal tolerance, consumption of other caffeinated beverages throughout the day etc. I would advise against regular caffeine consumption, since the body gets used to it quite fast and from that point onward you don't really get any benefits, you just have less energy without it (which is the exact reason most people start to take caffeine to begin with)

nearly any amount (within sane limits) of fish oil is ok as long as its a quality product. However, i would rather invest at least some of the money in real cold water fish.


You have a few general questions here that would be better answered through reading articles.

For instance, here is an article that will answer all of your protein related questions:



You're fine. Take up to 100 grams of whey and assess your own response. Everyone responds differently. Fish oil dosage is generally safe, but can be a blood thinner at higher dosages (which 3-4 grams is not a high dose, but would have some effect)


Best pre workout Supplement .. any advice..now i am ready to take suppliants. I want your advice


Daily doses of vitamins and supplements is likely governed more by convenience than anything else. But this infographic shows that time of day is a huge factor in optimizing these ingredients' effectiveness.


I've just finished the research on an article that will talk about when to take supplements, what to take them with, what not to take them with, and what to take them with that will make them far more powerful. Give me a week or two to get it humming.


Coming from you, I'm all ears when it comes to your research.
Can not wait to read it!


Best time all depends on you . Personally I take 1 protein shake in the am, 1 post workout and 1 before bed with casein. That's that works for me , although you need to fit yours to hit your macros.


Much appreciated, duke!