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Best Times for BCAA's and L-Leucine

I was just wondering when it is best to take each the BCAA’s and the L-Leucine, also how much for a 315 pound male thanks

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I save BCAAs for when cutting, as I feel I’m getting my share of protein/bcaa’s while bulking and eating every 2 hrs.

Leu I would add to meals/snacks where there is less than 30g of a complete protein (ie protein shake such as Metabolic Drive, or with a PB sammich). This is just my preference.

TC stated that shakes of 30-40g protein should be sufficient in Leu amount.

ps-I toss in 5g BCAAs PWO for good measure

to be specific with my Leu intake.
I use 5g with my pre-morning shake (around 4-5am whenever I wake up to go to the bathroom)

5g with breakfast

5g before bed along with a shake

and usually 5 g with another meal during the day

Awsome that thanks for the tips so by the sounds of it if you only were to get one on a bulking diet cycle you’d go with the L-Leucine