Best Time to Workout

In order to achieve the best workout results, does it matter on what time of day it is? Typically I workout 30 minutes after eating dinner and then scarf down a lot of peanut butter and milk. (I’m too cheap to buy supplements).

Let me know what you think and thanks!

I would say anytime you are working out is the best time to work out. In the big picture of things I don’t think you can get the best workout after eating dinner 30minutes before you lift heavy. I would say don’t worry about a best time or a worst time just go to the gym and train.

Just make sure you’re not tired BEFORE the workout.

Whenever you feel the strongest.

In the morning testosterone levels are at their highest, and at night neural activation is at its highest (for the day). I personally like to eat my breakfast and second breakfast within an hour and a half to two hours after waking before hitting the weights. These two carb-rich meals - relative to what I eat for the rest of the day - does suffice to make me feel much better after the 8-10 hour fasted state (sleep).

Peanut butter would not be your best choice pwo. Fast-acting carbs and protein in a 2:1 ratio is ideal.

I agree, workout when it best fits your schedule so that you can be consistent.

i like to workout about 8 hours after i wake up, for some reason im really sluggish in the morning have no appetite, and feel fat and weak… i dunno maybe im not a morning person, but about 8 hours later i litereally feel awesome, hard and strong, and could eat a nursery full of babies (low carb)

It all depends on when you feel the most active.

I tried working out first thing in the morning and just couldn’t do it. Still can’t. The best time for me is either about 7:30pm (about 2 hours after dinner and still have time to eat and cool down and get to sleep at a reasonable time) on weekdays and about 3 hours after I get up on the weekend (so about 10am). Same idea there a little after breakfast and home just in time for lunch and some college or pro football.