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Best Time to Visit Orlando

Och ay the noo,

Wifey and I are planning a vacation to Orlando - we’re in the UK and have not been to Florida before.

As the UK is known for it’s shitty weather, we live to go where the sun shines best and rain is minimal :slight_smile:

A visit to weather.com reveals that during June, July and August when the average temps are highest, rainfall runs in tandem, i.e those are the wettest months. I guess that is the nature of things in that part of the world.

We regulary go to Las Vegas so we can take the heat, though I am aware that humidity is an issue in Florida.

I’d appreciate any advice on the best time to go - though I realise it’s all a matter of personal taste. We were thinking of August or September.


Go in Sept! Way too busy in Orlando during the summer, you’ll regret you ever came if u do come in the summertime. But be ready for the heat, even in Sept! Good luck & have fun! Bring lots of money, you’ll need it!

Between “Labor Day Holiday” and “Thanksgiving Holiday” are the low times for the theme parks. (less people)

It is hot and humid in August and September. You might also get rained on.

I like to go in October. My girlfriend’s parents live there, so I’ve probably been there 10 times at various times of the year. The summertime sucks, don’t go then. If your looking to go to the parks, do not go for x-mas. Too crowded.

Hey, im from Scotland as well me and my girlfriend are just back from Florida. We went from May 5 to May 19 and it was excellent. But its starting to get busier and when the schools stop for summer it would be too busy and hot. So my advice is to go May or leave it until september or October and yeah take loads of money although it is quite cheap.

Thanks for the replies guys, it is much appreciated.

I’ve tsken advice from other sources too and the concensus seems to be that late April/May and late October/November are the best times to go - though each to their own of course.

Looks like we’re narrowing our choice to Easter next year - March’ish or April.

The best time is Oct/Nov. I read the least busiest time in Orlando is the first week in December.