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Best Time to Use Protein Powder


What time is best to drink a protein shake? Before working out, after working out, etc?

Also, is it good to do it on off days as well? Or just gym days?


Would you be drinking it 3 times a day or just once? If just once, I would say directly after the work-out (anyone, feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Drinking the shake on non-gym days can't hurt, it's just regular shit that your body needs. It doesn't really matter if you skip a day, either. I drink mine Mon-Sat. and just skip Sunday (when I do not work out). It's all up to you, basically, not much of a difference what you choose.

And again, feel free to correct me hahaha, this is just what I have gathered from people.


Depends on the type of protein. Whey protein is "fast" so you should take that during and/or immediately after workout. This is something like Surge. The other type is casein, which is much slower. I'm not sure about the optimal time to use this. I know many people use Metabolic Drive, which has both types, as a snack before bedtime.


Its not a bad idea to get protein before the workout, I've read a few good articles about this recently. Adjust for your own digestive system, I guess (I can't eat so much right before lifting, but I do a two-scoop GNC, water, no sugar shake right before lifting and have no problem).


Well, I will be using hemp protein powder. Due to casein allergies, whey protein is a no-no. Would this be better before or after?


I only use protein drinks when I just can't possibly eat any more without puking but I need to get some more protein and calories in...

I eat non-liquid food before and after workouts...

is hemp protein from a specialty store? I've never seen it sold before...


Sort of a specialty store. It's made by a company that just deals with other hemp products. (Oils, flours, nuts/seeds, etc). Most "good" health food stores carry their products. At least in Canada.


I have a whey shake + water first thing in the morning, right before I go workout, after I workout 20g of dextrose with glutamine and creatine, a big one an hour after I workout (3 scoops) with oats and dextrose, and a casien shake before bed. May have one other during the day.
Protein Powder!
Thinking I'll be switching to more whole foods once I start cutting carbs to less than 100g per day, lil more thermogenic to process the whole foods, but damn that powder is cheap and you can eat a meal in less than 10 seconds.


Check out egg protein. It has a higher BV than Hemp, casien, soy, chicken, turkey, beef, etc. Whey types are usually higher tho.

(By definiton, the BV scale is based at egg protein at 100).


But you're missing out on so much 'stuff' that is in real food. And purchased accordingly, it's not that much more expensive.

And what's worth more than your health when it come to allocation of funds?

Convenience is the only reason to drink your meals.