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Best Time to Take Thermogenics?

Recently i bought some thermogenics (Evlution LeanMode and Evlution Trans4orm) and i’m trying to figure out the best time to take them. I have a very unusual schedule due to being a full time student with a full time job. Here is what it looks like. I work Monday- Friday 1 am to 9 am. I usually go to the gym at 9:30 am and bed sometime between 11 am and noon depending on if i have class or not. I wake up around 7 pm. The directions say to take when you wake up. With my schedule being so long, is this the best benefit when taking them?

Mane…I’ma sorry to burst your bubble but these probably aren’t gonna do much for you. Maybe a 1% difference if even that.

The stuff that actually works is of the soviet sport supplement variety / stuff that WADA would frown upon e.g. clenbuterol, winstrol etc.

Heard good things about gasoline and a lighter as well for thermogenic effects lel

Anyways in all srsness, if we look at this infographic below from Renaissance Periodisation we can see the “importance” and relative contribution of different factors to successful dieting for body composition. I’d like to add PEDs onto this but I digress.

Without consistency everything else doesnt matter hence the yellow box around. Calorie balance, appropriate macros and consistency will give you most of your results.

You’re better off focusing on these and as per the chart nutrient timing and food composition before worrying about supplements aside from drugs. Training is another thing entirely but nonetheless important to your end result.

So in closing if you really want that 1% difference, which won’t matter if everything else isn’t on point mind you, then probably stick to instructions for the supplement-meal schedule but count your first meal upon waking from sleep as breakfast nomsayin