Best Time to Take REZ-V?

When is the best time to take REZ-V? When do you take it?

I take my 3 caps in the morning.

Did you read the label?

I take mine every morning.

I will pop a few right before I do a set at work (DJ) and than I’ll pop like 2-3 right before bed. They give me smelly burps, lol and I think they make me urinate a lot. I think they are hurting my sleep because I wake up a lot to pee (and check my pager.) Follow the above advice if you work a normal schedule.

do you guys get any GI side effects of the resveratrol? i got some from another vendor, and don’t have any problems like spaghett, but my stomach seems to not handle it so well. i don’t know if it’s the drug or the coating the company uses though. it seems t have lessened a bit though as i have been on for 1+ month now.