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Best Time to Take Insulin?

Ok so I have read slin is the most anabolic compound out there. If I understand correctly. So being that im diabetic and have to take it anyways what is the best time to take it in order to increase muscle growth? Right before a workout with food. Right after with food. Or both?

Whichever way keeps you alive.

before and after your workout. Many people thing the person who first figured that out was probably a diabetic who decided to fuck around with the timing of his slin shots to see if he could benifit from it. Slin works best with GH and Gear but slin alone still provides a lot of anabolism.

I assume you know what you are doing with it since you are diabetic so I will spare you all the warmings about going hypo and killing yourself…

I can’t remember doses and have never used it personally so this may be a bit off but usual protocol for insulin is to take a shot of something like 1-3iu slin about 30 mins before your workout along with a large helping of liquid carbs and protein (100-150g carbs and 50g pro) to pack muscle cells full during the workout, pack a high GI drink with you for during your workout in case you start to go hypo, and then to take a shot of 3-6iu slin after your workout (along with a shot of 4-10iu GH if you have access) and another one of those big protein-carb shakes and then a big protein and carb meal (like chicken and rice)…now keep in mind this is a protocol for someone who is not diabetic so it might vary greatly for you (you might need more slin since you don’t make any of your own or you might need less since your body regularly has less slin in it, I have no idea…I would suggest you start with something very conservative and slowly ramp up your doses and always keep some high GI carbs on you in the event you overdo your slin shot)…I am also going from memory so this could be totally off.

I would suggest checking this with someone like Morepain or BBB who have more knowledge of slin than I do and like I said these protocols are made for people with functioning pancreases so don’t be surprised if things vary for you.

Good luck,


Thanks for the information I had not checked back in a couple days. Im glad someone finally replied.

Yes slin can definitely be dangerous.

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Very interesting. Ive always wanted to give insulin a try. So basically a "fail proof" method for me would be to eat breakfast which is always 1 cup of oatmeal with 2 cups of frozen berries and 44 grams of whey all mixed in. That is something I eat whether bulking or dieting. Then 30 minutes before I train ( which means Ill have to shoot the slin in the shitter at the gym and would start with something very low like 2 ius ) down 50 grams of carbs and protein after the shot ( that sounds like plenty as I had a good 80 grams of carbs for breakfast ) wait 30 minutes, which is perfect as thats the time it takes me to warm up on some cardio equipment and do some light stretching then start my workout. A question about the carbs to take with the insuling shot… Do you guys prefer something slow like oats or go for the fast stuff? I remember bushy advocating apple juice which is slow…

During my workout I will be sipping on 2 sccops of gatorade (about 70 grams of carbs) and post workout would be 3 scoops of gatorade (about 100 grams of carbs) or 2 scoops of gatorade with 1 scoop of waxy maize which is the same amount of carbs, with 44 grams of protein. Then 60-90 minutes later a meal that consists of 2 cups of rice with 40-50 grams worth of protein from chicken. I guess a steak would be out of the question because of the fats right?

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Do you think I have too many carbs post workout bushy? One reason for so many carbs post workout is because Im an ecto and have always seen the post workout as a time where the body is in need, also if my memory seves me right Milos advocates a similar amount post workout. Plus I don`t want to die, lol…

But since there is a pre workout carb and protein drink 30 minutes pre workout and carbs during the workout I can see how the need for carbs can be lowered after training. Did I mention I dont want to die? Im guessing 2 scoops of gatorade would fit the bill? Please fill me to what you feel is best. Do you still advocate apple juice after the pre workout slin shot? I seriously value your input here.