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Best Time to Take HOT-ROX

It seems that I am totally wasting money by not taking them properly. I did the V-Diet back in late July/ early August and I lost 22lbs but I think that I wasted HOT-ROX. These days I am fasting so I was wondering should I Take HOT-ROX as soon as I get up on an empty stomach and then do 20 min HiTT.

Thanks for reading.

fasting and doing HIIT…AFTER the V-Diet? What’s wrong with you? Seriously, eat some damn food already!

I am eating normal healthy foods now, I am not on shakes. But my question was asking in general as I used to take HOT-ROX with first shake in the morning.

It’s not necessary to take on an empty stomach. So far as I know, the labels read that because the studies were done that way.

The microemulsion delivery system neither depends on food nor is interfered with by food, and none of the ingredients are interfered with by food.

The best is to take on arising, then (assuming normal hours) in the late afternoon but not so late as to interfere with sleep. Better to err a couple of hours earlier than could be gotten away with – different in results would be very slight --than takig too late and having trouble sleeping.

What constitutes “too late” will vary.

It’s a personal choice. Some people can’t stand it without some food in their stomach, some people have no problems. It makes no difference on effectiveness so you are not wasting your money.

Besides that I have no advice because your question was too vague.