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Best Time to Take Flameout


I was wondering if anyone has experimented with taking Flameout at different times of the day and what seems to work best. I recently started taking taking it in the evening hours long after my training. Just wondering if anyone has another suggestion. Thanks!


I like to pace them throughout the day, I take 2 after each big meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner), totaling 6 per day, sometimes I’ll up it to 8 total if needed for joint pain.


Anytime is fine. I usually do similar to what Rob said, splitting them up during the day. A few with breakfast and some with dinner. And I also bump them up when my joints act up (like all this week, frickin’ blizzard with the fricken’ shoveling).

I haven’t seen a really difference in timing, more just a difference with quantity/dosage. I often say, when things feel bad, I’ll do Flameout like aspirin, a few caps every few hours.

But “normal”/maintenance is just once or twice a day, doesn’t seem to matter when, just getting them in. Some people take them last thing at night so they sleep through any fish burps. :wink: But I find taking them with food pretty much cuts down that after-effect anyhow.