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Best Time to Take Curcumin

Hello fellow Muscle Builders

I was wondering what is the best time to take Curcumin?

  • Pre Workout
  • Post Workout
  • In the morning
  • Before Bedtime

Or does not matter what time of day you ingest it?

I tend to keep it a few hours away from the workout period, just because it is an anti-oxidant. That said, I don’t think it matters hugely. I am on 900mg a day and split that 200mg morning; 500mg at lunch; and 200mg at night.

Interestingly, a well known TV doctor was part of some research here in the UK which looked at turmeric supplementation. The upshot was that there was no change in gene expression with the placebo group or the turmeric supplementation group. However, the third group, which were to ingest raw turmeric anyway they wanted, had significant changes in gene expression.

As stated…on Training days I’ll take it after my workout. On non-training days I take it in the morning. Side note: I do notice a difference.

Was the supplementation in pills or was it raw too?

If you look at the BBC website you will find the article, but here is an extract in answer to your question: '…one group to consume a teaspoon of turmeric every day for six weeks, ideally mixed in with their food. Another group were asked to swallow a supplement containing the same amount of turmeric, and a third group were given a placebo, or dummy pill.'
It was speculated that the turmeric in food group got the results due to the way it was accompanied/prepared, e.g. with fat, which may have made it more soluble, etc.

That’s what I thought. I mix the spice with olive oil and black pepper to make a paste and eat it like that. I can take a large amount without having to cook with it, plus it’s cheap, unlike in supplement form.

black pepper is actually the “super advanced absorption technology” they talk about.

There is another popular curcumin supplement (won’t name it here) that uses a different ingredient which, it claims, makes it much more absorbed than black pepper.