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Best Time to Take Creatine and Glutamine?

Hi all,
I was just wondering if there really are “BEST” times to take supplements. I just bought some creatine mono powder and glutamine powder. Is it ok to take both together with gatorade after a workout. Also can I take them just both in the AM to get it over with? I am a big fan of just taking supps all at once to take away fuss and hassle. Any help would be great!

I don’t think it matters too much, creatine I would always take post workout just part of my routine. Glutamine is something that needs to build up in the body so just regularly taking it should suffice.

Poloquin has said to take glutamine and BCAA (20-50 grams) throughout the workout. Leucine is a direct signal for protein synthesis and works in conjunction with the immediate workout training effect (mTorr I think). BCAAs can lower blood sugar though so I’d say carbs plus BCAAs after your first hard set maybe. I would CERTAINLY say BCAA’s peri workout.

If taken in a pre workout drink they should enhance the pump ( glutamine especially)and slightly improve the workout.