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Best Time to Take Anavar?

Some point in the future I’m going to start a cycle of Test-E (300mg per week) and Anavar, 50mg ED

Regards to the anvar, when would be the best time to take it. I’ve heard having it as a preworkout. I train at 5.30am so having it an hour before would mean waking up very early just to take it.

If I was to take it with my preworkout drink 15 min before, would I be limiting the effects of the anavar. Also, is it best to have the 50mg in one go or in two 25mg doses.

Not starting a cycle anytime soon but just trying to research at the moment for when I do.

Take it before you head to the gym. No reason to overthink it. It has a fairly long half life (8hrs?) so it’s fine in the AM.

All 50mg in one go?

FWIW it peaks 1 hour after you take it. I’ve taken mine 30mg in the morn and 20mg an hour before heading to work out. As @iron_yuppie said it had a long half life… 8-10 hours so it’s not super critical.

That’s how I take mine. Except I do 20 and 30 with the thought that it would be a higher peak pre workout. Doubt it makes any difference though.

I ran almost the same cycle, and did the var at the end of the cycle. I wish I would have done more test. The var will make you look good, but it wasn’t the extreme body change I was looking for. Maybe 300 will work better for you, but it seems the consensus is that 400 or 500 works much better.

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With is having such a short half live (relative to most injectable AAS) is it worth taking on non-training days? Is there some level of blood concentration required to maintain for it to work? If possible I would only take it on days that I train, otherwise I feel like it might be a waste.

Take it every day. Just because you’re not training doesn’t mean you’re not recovering, which is when most anabolics do all their real work.


That’s fair, I hadn’t thought of it like that