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Best time to eat Carbs

I was wondering what the best time to eat my carbs is. Lately I’ve noticed good gains, and the only difference in my diet has been the intake time of my carbohydrates. Before I used to just drink Creactive (a insulin spiking post workout drink with Glutamine, Creatine, Vitamins, and Minerals) and a lot of WPI (6 shakes) along with a healthy dinner (4 chicken breasts, 1 cup brown rice). Now I drink Creactive after 45 minutes of cardio then workout for two hours and drink 1 serving of Heavy Weight Gainer. 2 ½ hours later I now drink a Grow shake and after that every 2 ½ hours I drink a pure WPI shake (4 total) along with my healthy dinner at 7:30. I know that different methods work for different people but does this sound like a logical formula for good gains on an 8-week bulking diet? Or does this sound like I’m on the road to Wellville (One of the early 20th century fat farms)?Also I am supplementing with Tribex, Calcium, 1g Sostenon/week, 600mgs. Deca/week, 50mgs. Dinabol/day, 12.5mgs. Clomid/day, Flax Oil, Omega 3-6-9, Primrose, Daily V and M’s, Tyrosine, Clenbuterex, ZMA, and 5-HTP. I didn’t want this to be a Supplement post but I thought It might be helpful to know what I ingesting. Also I am eating 4500 calories and I stand 6’11’’weight 240 with 15% body fat.

Dude, what is your goal? You’re doing roids so I assume you want to get big, but then you’re doing cardio and taking fat burners and appetite suppressants??? Sup wit dat?

OK, I am using an extremely small amount of Clenbuterex and Tyrosine just to help wake me up at 4:45 in the morning and give me strength. I want to stay in cardiovascular shape so I only go 3-4 times a week and walk on the treadmill at about 3.3 mph with a grade of 5.0. Basically what I’m trying to do is turn the bodyfat into muscle also make good lean muscle gains in the process. Is this possible or should I stick with a strict bulking and a strict cutting diet. I’ve been lifting for 4+ years and last year I bulked up to big and couldn’t loose the BF I wanted to by summer I was 245 with 13%BF but was hoping to be around 8%. I have no constant weight, it always seems to fluxuate, either I’m loosing or gaining. So help a T-dude out and give him some advice…

The 5-HTP is for sleep I take 50mgs before bed and It totally kicks ass for me. Today I just read for the first time about it’s dieting qualities thanks to BrocK.

Once you figure out how to “turn bodyfat into muscle” let me know. I’ve got some lead I’ve been wanting to change into gold. Until then, read the “Diet Manifesto” article at T-mag.

I have heard that the best time to take carbohydrates is after your workout. Following exercise, the body is somewhat depleted of glycogen, and insulin sensitivity is up. High-glycemic carbohydrates are the preferred source to replenish the body’s energy stores. Not only does this result in greater storage for recovery and subsequent workouts but it also significantly decreases muscle breakdown.

dude is this post for real? if so, then may i suggest drinking a few more shakes, taking a few more drugs and supplements, increasing your 2 hour workouts to 3 hours, and increasing the cardio, that will speed up the fat to muscle transformation, dont worry about when to eat carbs, you already have enough to worry about

May I suggest you stop reading Flex and start reading T-mag a little more closely? Seriously, you whole plan is pretty F’d up. Consider a consultation with Poliquin, King, or Staley. Just guessing, I’d say it’s your diet. Most people who focus that much on drugs and sups have messed up diets.