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Best Time to do Cardio for Maximum Fat Loss?


I thought I would ask everyone if it is more efficent to do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach when sugar levels are at their lowest OR straight after a workout when sugar levels are also low..?



first thing in the morning but they are both beneficial, better to do it than not.


Depends on what your cardio looks like and, in a certain instance, also on what you eat and when you eat it.


...and of course on what your goals are and all that stuff.


Thanks for the replys...

Cardio in the mornings would be HIIT on a hill. 30sec sprints @ maxiumum effort then run back down at a slow pace then repeat 10-15 times.

Cardio after training would be steady state cardio.

Diet wise would be eating every 2-3 hours consisting of a high protein, high fat (nuts, avocado's , Udo's oil) and loads of veg


do you acctuly need to lose fat? like whats your BF%?


HIIT cardio in the mornings on an empty stomach isn't going to utilize fat stores. It will burn a shit ton of calories but it's typically recommended to do HIIT on off lifting days. I normally do them at the same time of the day I would have normally been lifting.

SSC after you train is fine, like I'm sure CC was thinking, if you employ earlier carb cut offs before bed, doing SSFC in the morning would likely utilize fat as the energy source but the intensity has to be lower.


Bdyfat at the moment is around 8% however, I have a big photoshoot at the end of the month and would ideally like to get down to around 5-6%. I know that the last 2 or 3 are the hardest.
Any advice would be much appreciated



Thanks for that...appreciate it


I agree with this. In fact, try doing Sprints on an empty stomach first thing in the morning... Feels kind of wrong, doesn't it, OP?


Also, if you don't do any kind of cutoff (let's call it a general cutoff or just "cutoff"... Eating a major amount of fat before going to bed doesn't exactly help fat-burning either after all), then imo fasted, steady state, low intensity morning cardio for 30-40 mins is pretty useless by itself.
Works best in combination...




If you need to lose fat fast... Imo cutoffs+am cardio don't work that well in that case. It works relatively well to get very big guys to lean out while continuing to train heavier and heavier, or just to keep the fat gain in check while bulking, but in general it doesn't work as fast as a real fat-loss diet etc...

Carb cycling + HIIT would probably be a better approach... And you can use waxy maize or some such to look full for your shoot or so...


what's the saying: "90% of fat loss is in the diet." Or something like that..

I bet you could cut without worrying about when, where and how to do cardio, just by cutting back the cals a bit.


You can indeed. However, when you want to avoid muscle and strength loss (particularly as a bigger guy), certain approaches work a lot better (keeping the stuff that made you strong/big in the first place... Your diet pretty much... Largely the same except for maybe replacing regular carb sources with salad and such here and there... While keeping protein, utilizing cutoffs and fasted am, low-int cardio for 30-40 mins each day but leg day or so... Depends a lot on the individual, too).


I've never heard that before, can you elaborate as to why that is?


That works to a certain extent, but unless you have the genetics for it, you aren't going to get anywhere near 5% BF with diet alone.

IMO Even with great genetics I doubt you could do it on diet alone without AAS or other cutting drugs.


Thanks for all the replies, appreciate it a lot!


If you don't utilize cutoffs, and instead eat meals with a lot of carbs and/or fat too close to sleep, your body doesn't have much reason to shift burning priorities to it's own fat stores while sleeping and in the morning, does it? Enough external fuel there.
And thus doing am low-int cardio then is pretty much just like walking around your house... Something you likely do a lot but which has little impact on how you look.

With the cutoff, your body will burn the trace carbs at first, sparing whatever protein you ingested (hopefully), and then shift emphasis to it's own fat stores over the night.
In the morning, emphasis is likely still on your own fat stores to a great extent, and then you get in your fat burners (if you use any) and green tea extract or real green tea to enhance that and get you awake, do your low-int cardio (brisk walk around the neighborhood or so), and now it can actually enhance the whole fat burning process.

Without the cutoff, it'd be like farting against the wind.

I hope that explanation makes sense to you... I'm no biology major or anything.

Thing is... I don't even know if that's really what happens. And I don't care much.
I know that doing fasted low int am cardio for 30-40 mins every off day or every day but leg day just doesn't do squat for me unless I stick to my cutoffs... Tried it out pre-DC for quite some time.


Doesn't really matter in my opinion, as long as you get it done. Also, if you're doing HIIT training correctly, there's no way you can do more than two sessions per week. Take it from me dude, I've gotten better results by scaling back my cardio and tightening up my diet. It's very easy to overtrain when you're lifting 3-4 times per week and doing cardio every day.


Yeah... Chances are you'll just end up burning a lot of muscle along with fat and then end up at a sticking point with your bf at some point.