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Best Time of Day for Rez-V?

I’m about to start taking Rez-V/Alpha Male stack on Monday. Is there a best time of day to take Rez-V? Should it be on an empty stomach?

@enthuzist - In my experience with this stack, I would take REZ-V + 1st dose of Alpha Male together in the morning, empty stomach. Then 2nd dose of Alpha Male 8 hours later. I am an early morning lifter, and noticed a better effect when taking it pre-workout.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the response. Actually that is exactly how I was hoping to take it. I am an early lifter too. I switched to a 5-day split routine that really puts a workout on my muscle groups. I took Alpha Male before and had great results with a similar routine. However I didn’t take any anti-estrogens…only ZMA which I still take at night. I’m hoping to avoid the dreadful side affects of estrogen excess.

Is there anything else you suggest, should warn me or recommend for this stack?

When I use to use this stack I would dose Rez-V in the morning (When T is highest) and Alpha Male before bed (T is lowest). Worked fine for me and no, I did not have problems sleeping.

Wow. I couldn’t do that AM dose before bed. I have to take it by mid-day or else I would be up all night.