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Best Time of Day for PP?

When would be best for me to use protein powder? Before or after a workout? How long before or after? Should I use it on off days as well?

If it makes a difference, I’m using hemp powder right now, and at some point possibly using soy.

I like to PP when I get up in the morning.

Sometimes, though, if I drink too much water before I go to sleep, I have to PP in the middle of the night. I don’t advise this, however, it is better than PP’ing in the bed.

Never heard of Hemp Protein Powder…and I don’t think Soy is the way to go…Anyway, I’m cheap, so I use GNC 100% Whey (if I could afford it I’d use Metabolic Drive by Biotest!). I drink a shake in the morning with breakfast, for a snack during the day if I feel like it, before I workout, Surge postworkout, anouther whey shake later, and one before bed. I drink shakes all the time which may be overkill, but I havn’t gotten any SMALLER!


Hemp powder? WTF is that? Stay away from anything Soy.

GNC stuff sucks. If you can’t afford Metabolic Drive, try ON Whey. It’s usually pretty inexpensive and is ok. It’s not as great from a protein quality perspective, but it’s good from a quantity one. It does taste much better than pretty much anything at GNC, especially their brand.