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Best Time for V-Diet

 Chris Shugurt says it's a great program too kick-off a cutting phase or newbie,mainly because of the instant results. I was kicking this around in my head and if a guy was above 15% bf,wouldn't it be better to do something like T-Dawg first. If you are pretty fat to begin with,the fat comes off pretty easily anyways.  

Once you get down to 12% to 10%,fat loss get really hard. Wouldn’t this time be a great to incorporate V-diet?I mean,why do T-Dawg at 20% and lose 4 pounds of fat a week,when T-Dawg would probably let you lose 3 pounds a week at first. Then when you get down to where you’re only losing a pound a week(for me,thats at aroun 11%)do V-Diet to nuke the rest of that fat off to get shredded.

The attraction is that it is really easy and has relatively no food preparation time. This type of “all shake” diet isn’t really that new of a concept and is often used in Hollywood.

I think Christian Bale was on a diet of blended beef shakes 6x/day for close to 3 months for his role in Batman Begins.

Chris Shugart did really do his homework and I think that if you use a high quality protein like Metabolic Drive, and follow his recommendations, it is a pretty decent way to strip off fat.

I think the V-diet is most effective at around 15-20% bodyfat…

I was at around 20 - 22% bodyfat when I started “dieting”. I followed a smart eating plan (no particular macro’s or anything, just calorie counting) and lost my 2lbs a week until I got to around 15%. After 10 weeks and results starting to slow I kicked it up a knotch with the V-Diet and everything is going well.

I don’t think there is a “best” time, but if you are already diligent enough to eat correctly and get down to 12% or 10%, then finishing off with the V-diet would be a great idea.

just get your shit together long term, it’s a better move…[flame suit on]

Hey guys,I followed V-diet last summer and got great results.I think that following it when you’re at a lower bf% will get you better results.Any diet will make you lose fat @ the begining,but the V-diet is like a nuke,great results in litle time.When you get to a low BF%,V-Diet will work the best.Don’t hate me becuase I’m not PC.