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Best Time For Fish Oil



When is the best time to consume Fish Oil Caps:
After training, Breakfast, Dinner?



i take one after breakfast, one after lunch, and one after supper. i only take one at a time, i dont know about anyone else


I had asked a similar question. I recall most believed that taking them with your P/F meals was a good idea.


Yeah that's what I do (take them w/ pf meals). I never got any advice in this manner, it just seemed like the right thing to do, being that it's fat.

And I usually take anywhere from 3-6 at once, for a total of 10. (180/120's anyway)

I just got new one's that are 300/200. I only take 5 a day of these. So two at a time. I hope the Biotest product is stronger still. Taking only 2 or 3 a day would be nice, and less gelatin crap too.


Simply take 2-3 caps (depending on strength) with your first 2-3 meals.

Easy to remember.


Who cares. I dont think it matters much. There just fatty acids. This aint Spike people

I pop em in the morning first thing.


Whoa a fish oil thread and a fish oil tip on the same day!

Actually I just started taking fish oil, dr. wants to increase my 'good' cholesterol.

Honestly, I cant bear to take more than one a day, I take one with breakfast, then spend the rest of the day burping it up.

It tastes like I just licked a trouts ass.


I take 3 caps a day all at once with breakfast. ive been taking them for 2 months(I was completely ignorant about fish oil until reading the literature about it) and definitely have noticed some increased energy and it does seem to help keep me lean.


Lmao, I know what you mean. Thats why I take mine after my cottage cheese at night, so I go straight to sleep and don't have to go through that.


I am wondering, if i have been taking flaxmeal, should i also be taking fish oil? dont they consist of pretty much just efa's plus fiber for Flax, and efa's for the fish oils.


If you keep them in the freezer, you should get less of both the "fishy" taste/smell and the burping, (although they feel a little weird going down frozen, ha)! Also helps to take at the beginning of the meal and bury under food.


to get rid of the unpleasant taste you could do what i do, enjoy it. I like the taste of the fish oil. Burping it up kinda tastes good. Kinda like when you have a great steak, and you can't wait to burp so that you can taste it again...


Carlson's lemon flavor cod liver oil... tastes great straight and easier than pills. Take 4 tsps/day, recommended 1 tsp/50 lb of body weight. I take the stuff with meals. I don't think it really matters (generally) when you take it, just as long as you get enough of what you need. I don't know how many pills = 1 tsp, but I don't think that most bottles recommend more than 15/day. You might divide it up into 3 doses at each meal.


That's bad. And wrong. It's bdong.

I've written about fish oil before. I am taking enteric coated. No burps. Thank God.


BTW, where in OK are you?