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Best Time for Fish Oil & BCAA

when is the best time to take these, i’ve read a few articles and i can’t find anything that really helps me out that much. thanks.

I have had very good results taking 4 fish oil caps (I use Flameout) and 10 BCAA’s immediately before bed with a protein shake. If you can swing it financially, taking 30-40 BCAAA’s throughout the day in between meals and immediately during/after training will also produce favorable results. Good luck!

i take the fish oil 4 times a day with meals 1000 mg each time and i use bcaa powder before and after my workout in my protein shakes and again for my 5th meal of the day.

just take fish oil with your meals.

I take 1/2 serving Flameout in the morning, and another 1/2 with my pre-bed shake :shrug:

Thibs recommends taking a ton of Aminos peri workout(if you can afford it) and not to take fish oil with postworkout meal.

Personally have found taking 20g bcaa post workout to have really helped recovery

I am crazy on fish-oil–I take up to 20 grams spread over the day. I am actually more careful about having the fish oil between meals when I am dieting as I think it suppresses my appetite.