Best Time for Creatine

There is an exorbitant amount of information here, on the web, books, etc…
Well, everyone has their opinion on when to take creatine. Some say BEFORE workout, some say AFTER workout. Some say take it with water, some say take it with juice. Some say load, others say don’t load. Ect, Ect, Ect,…

We’ve all heard this. Anyway, everyone knows that one the keys to gaining muscle is take your protein immediately after working out because at this point in time your muscles are like a sponge and they crave the building blocks to repair and gain muscle fibers.

Well, some say you can go ahead and mix your creatine right in with your protein and others say that this will slow down the uptake for the creatine (even waste some creatine). I’ve decided that since I can’t find any REAL answers on this everlasting arguement to basically do what I want.

Here it is: I will take my creatine (5 grams) 10 minutes after I work out with grape juice. 20 minutes later I will take my protein (24g ON’s 100% whey w/glass of milk)

Does anyone here see a problem with my plan. I would be VERY interested to know. Also, the creatine I bought is regular creatine monohydrate (not micronized or anything special, its even flavorless). Its also the GNC brand. Didn’t see the CREApure label anywhere on it, but figured it was O.K.

Let me know… thanx

just take the crap and eat food in the end timing sure its optimal but if your stressing over it etc etc your just wasting time and energy. The main thing take the creatine and eat your food.

Well IMO you’d have been much better served getting creapure creatine likely you have some even cheaper chinese variety. Why not take the minute or two to track down creapure like that found here or elsewhere and be assured you are getting quality and for the same price??

either way its cheap use this and next time get the creapure.