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Best Time For Cardio


Hello Everyone,

When is the best time for cardio? I'm a college student and I usually lift weights mid morning around 10am and would like to mix in some cardio as well. When would be the best time for that? If I could have it my way, I would go back to the gym around 4:30 or 5:00 for the cardio work. How does this sound? Thanks


sometime between 12:00 am and 11:59pm.


I do my cardio before my workouts (and before dinner) around 5:30 PM. It has worked for me!


Sounds fine. Get it in when you can.


Depends what your goals are; if you're a fat ass; then in the morning on an empty stomach. If you are Anrnold then never.

So the answer is; how longs a piece of string?


I'm a college linebacker so I'm not a fatass haha...but thanks for the advice everyone.


still doesn't matter. While there may be a very slight advantage to that, it's not going to matter in the grand scheme of things.


If you're lifting in the morning and planning to do cardio in the afternoon you may want to consider swapping the times. i.e. Cardio in the morning and lifting later.

A few reasons:
(1) Greater chance of getting injured lifting in the morning -- from this website
(2) Greater muscle gains lifting later in the day -- from this website
(3) Read 100 Workouts to Getting Lean articles posted today. Recommends light morning cardio
(4) Easier to do cardio if you haven't eaten for a while--more likely to get cramps running than lifting. Depends what time you eat lunch but if you're done around 1 or 2 may only have a couple hours to digest. Not good.


Why does a linebacker need or want to do cardio????????



for what reasons? Also, do you have that article handy, I'd be interested in hearing the reasons.

I think "stupidity" is the reason for injuries in the weight room, not the time of day, lol.


Why not?


Check out the back doctor's info from Test Fest.
? If you can, avoid early morning weight training. The chance of injury is higher.


some time between now and never ... i have a strong propensity towards the latter



because linebackers don't run for 5 mins at a time or longer. It would suit his position much better to do interval work of short duration and repeating (matching the game)


This is also a big part of our training...as is swimming


is Anthony Roberts your coach?


We do all of this on our own. We're a D-III program that isn't allowed to have spring practice to help keep a strict academic enviornment. We have a lifting / running program but I always go the "extra mile".


As a linebacker, you'd be better off doing short, explosive sprints with a short rest in between. Tire flipping would be very applicable to your position. Sled dragging, farmers walks, sandbag carries, log lifts, car push.
Use swimming for your recovery days.

If a linebacker has to run more than 20 yards on a play, somebody on the line fucked up.



I agree 100% ... I appreciate all of the responses.

As for the swimming and longer cardio - those things are done on our "off" days where we also do some type of calf/trap work as part of an "active rest" program. Although we workout about 6 days a week consistently.