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Best Time/Calorie Intake for Hernia Surgery?

A friend has a small epigastric hernia, would it be better to get the surgery during a gaining phase or cutting? I figure during a cut protein intake and bcaas can be taken to preserve muscle and aid healing. Training would already be cut down so a couple weeks of not activity would not be as bad.

He got it when he was young and does not effect his training. Doctor told him that fixing it is mostly cosmetic since it does not bother him discomfort/pain wise.

Neither, in my experience. Maintenance.

My doctor told me NOT to try to restrict calories for at least 6 weeks post op. Just sit tight, eat healthfully and let yourself heal. I still lost a little weight in the first couple of weeks just because I didn’t feel great, was in pain. Your friend’s surgery may be less involved.

When he’s healing, he won’t be able to lift heavy for a few weeks. He won’t want to be on a calorie surplus if he can’t train hard.