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Best Three Day Training Split


I am looking for some different idea's about training splits. I am looking at 2 muscles per day splits for the 5x5 program.

Some ideas out there...

Chest and Tri's
Back and Bi's
Legs and shoulders

As long as your using tri's on chest day...You might as well just keep annhilating them.

Chest and Bi's
Back and Tri's
Legs and shoulders

A fresh start for every muscle worked.

Chest and Back
Tri's and Bi's
Shoulders and Legs

Working antagonist muscles back to back actually can increase rate of strength.

Well I guess my main goal right now is to drop some fat, and gain size and strength.
Any idea's on the best 2 muscle per day split?
Thanks everybody.


I am 5 weeks into a new workout plan that utilizes the 5x5 method and the chest/back, bis/tris, legs/shoulders followed by a day of rest and repeated followed by 2 days rest. I have been feeling a lot stronger in my lifts especially bench and deadlift.

The main thing that I have would change is to give legs their own day and possibly do some other maintenance work with your shoulders. Personally I preffer the "antagonistic" approach to the "anihilate" approach, it helps me concentrate better on the lifts and has speeded up my recovery. Hope this helps.


training goal? Honestly, I feel splitting up routines by bodyparts and not by planes and movements is archaic and it still makes no sense to me why people pair shoulders and legs in one split and give bis and tris their own day



Do you just go Push, Pull, Legs? Or do you have another movement plane split?


Id do the push, pull, legs.

Hits everything plus IMO no need for shoulders and legs when you get shoulders hit in the push and pull work.

Also set it up legs/push/pull, you can squat on monday and DL (pull) on friday.

Thats my 2cc



upper body horizontal
lower body
puper body vertical

I still prefer full body workouts tho


Option 1
Back Squat 5x5 or 5x3
Incline Press 5x5
Abs/Hypers 3x8
RDL 5x5
Push Press 5x5
Chin-ups 3x8
Front Squat 5x5
Bench Press 5x5 or 5x3
Barbell Row 3x8

Option 2
Back Squat 5x5
Front Squat 3x6
Hypers/Abs 3-4x8-10
Bench Press 5x5
Push Press 3x6
Incline or CG Bench press 3x8-10
RDL or DL 5x5
Barbell Rows 3x6
Chin-ups 3-4x8-10


Is there a reason you are looking to do a split as opposed to threee full body workouts? If I was determined to seperate out movements I think I wuold try and go with the push/pull as well but there is alot to be said for full body routines.


sorry to kinda jump the topic, I am viewing the topic with interest because I am currently on a 3 day split but I don't feel like i'm working enough because time is a major constraint. At the moment I follow a bench /row squat or deadlift / military press formula, + bicep / push ups/ dips work / calf work if i can...

an do that depending on time (eg if i have time for 4 exercises, ill row/bench, then deadlift/ military press) or if not i jus do 2 exercises an lots of sets and do the next part on another day.... is this a workable idea or not!? lol...


Good point Konstatine.
But in essence push/pull/legs, is... Chest/Tri's/Shoulders
Is it not?
What I was really trying to dig into was maximum hypertrophy with maximum recovery.
I was curious on the different views of theories such as...
Annihilate Muscles (Chest/Tri's)
Antagonist Muscles (Chest/Back)
Unrelated Muscles(Chest/Bi's)

Is any one better than the next?
What training goals does each split satisfy?

Good discussion, and it looks like we're getting onto what I was trying to figure out.
Thanks everybody.




One great 5x5 program I followed is this:

Day 1

5x5 Squat
5x5 Bench
5x5 Power Clean
2x10 Back Extensions
4x10 abs

Day 3

4x5 Squat
4x5 Military Press
4x5 Deadlift
3x10 abs

Day 5

4x5, 1x3, 1x8 Squat
4x5, 1x3, 1x8 Bench
4x5, 1x3, 1x8 Power Clean
3x8 Weighted Dips
3x8 EZ Bar Curl

Each set of 5 on Day 1 is increasingly heavier until you hit your 5RM for one set. On Day 3, the squats are done light, and the deads and militaries are done heavy. The 4x5 on Day 5 is the same as day 1, then for the triple, add a few pounds to your 5RM. The following Day 1, this will be your target max set of 5.

This is one of the better programs I've followed, but my favorite full-body program so far is The Waterbury Method. Renaissance Body Development is a close second.


its PULL then PUSH then LEGS - gives time between deads and squats then
Use it and stick a 5x5 on it.


i go with 2 days a week (all 5X5 except where noted)

day 1

squats 10X3
bench cable flys (4x10)

day 2
flat bench 10x3
militay press (standing)
dumbbell rows
bench cable flys (4x10)

i also mess around with dumbbells at my house during the week doing snatches and curls and stuff like that but it isnt regimented


WS4SB may be one of the best 3 day splits. Also the 21 day itch. Yes I know the 21 day itch has you working out 6 days per. week, but 2 of the 6 are cardio or 'sweat' days and one is a strong man day.