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Best Thing to Come Out of Canada


Dont know if this has been posted before but I'll post it anyways.

Trailer Park Boys

Funniest show ever IMO. Too bad they're not shooting another season, but will put out a movie special this year.


Jchenky and DebraD are Canadian.

My vote goes to both of them rather than this TV show.


Trailer Park Boys were stupendous until they devolved into self-parody in the last few seaons. Particularly Jim Leahy's character.

That being said, I've still watched every season at least three times and saw them when they toured in January. '

Still easily the best Canadian TV show since Kids in the Hall. What else do we have to brag about? Corner gas or Little Mosque on the prarie? Fuck.


Bastard stole my line!

TPB is good though.


Trailer Park boys are always on Showcase here in Canada and it is the greatest show. I'm not a hard-core fan of it but it's funny.

Kenny Vs. Spenny is pretty funny Canadian show as well.

I didn't know Jchenky and DebraD are Canadian but that's pretty much score 2 for Canada.


Pam Anderson, GSP , Weed. I dont smoke but everyone appreciates quality.


Red Green
Steve Yzerman
Tim Horton's
Don Cherry
Those long cookie stick thingies
Molson X



I hear Don Cherry is a total doucher when meeting him personally...


Molson X?
Really? its alright but if you're going to be choosing a Canadian beer, go with Keith's.
Oh, and Al MacInnis is a good ad on if you want to do hockey guys...not sure if he still holds the record for the hardest slapshot but he was a great player.

as for Red Green, he isn't as big in Canada as he is in the States.


TPB rocks. A Canadian friend got me watching it!


Court's Canadian too ... I think she's pretty kick ass along the same lines as Deb and JChenks

Matter of fact the majority of Canadians I've come across on this site are pretty cool ... NeelyDan comes to mind as well as Ouroboro

With that being said: TPB is pretty damn funny and Kenny v. Spenny is decidedly NOT funny.


Trailer Park Boys!!

Can't wait for the movie. I sure hope it is at least better than the last few seasons were.


How fucking drunk are you right now? 6 out of 10!


True Keith's is good. I'm from Michigan and I could get that there...forgot. Considering I live in Utah now, I can only get Molson, Labat and...Moosehead. Oh yeah, Canadian Club whisky. The first thing I ever got drunk on. UGH...
Oh, and Chara from Boston has the hardest slap shot now.

Also those weird cheese-curd fries.


HueY Lewis and that kid from the movie year one.


i'm gonna go with hockey


I know a dude who works at a local restaurant and he was working the night they came to town to do a TPB show. So when he brought them their order of food and shit onto the tour bus he said he couldn't see two feet in front of his face cause of the smoke lol. They are just like they are on the show. Great guys.

Beer, hydro and shrooms are our best exports.


Finally...an American that say's hockey without putting the word "Ice" first.



see: Eugene Levy, John Candy, Martin Short.

Funniest show. Ever.


i rate debrad over this any day