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Best Thing I've Read Yet


Jim wrote in another post:

"Write down these lifts:

Bench Press

99% of the reps you do in your training should be from these 6 lifts. These are your cornerstones. These are your foundation.
Anytime you read an article touting the "latest and greatest" or some ridiculous circus-lift being championed by a charlatan, refer to these 6. And remember what really makes you strong. It's these lifts."

This is by far the most valuable thing I have read in this forum....you could have hit me in the head with a baseball bat, and it would not have opened my eyes more than this.

My training focus will immediatly change....

Thanks Jim!


Don't know if you've found this tidbit yet... but take the above and combine it with the Wendler Six and you have everything you need.


This is GOLD!
Everyone here should copy and past these and read it daily!


Idk know man, what about flys and kickbacks?


I really appreciate this. Thanks for the kind words and good luck on your journey.


I used to have a similar list written in my training bag. Everytime I opened my bag, I had to take this massive A3 piece of paper out to get to anything.

It read:



Thinking of putting this on a big poster for the homegym.