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Best Thibaudeau Program for the Each Season?

I’ve been trying to search the forum for old posts before asking a question that has potentially been answered before. In doing so, I stumbled upon a gem in which Coach shared the training strategy of an older friend, who is always in great shape!

“Autumn: he trains like a bodybuilder

Winter: he trains like a powerlifter

Spring: he trains like an Olympic lifter

Summer: he trains like a track athlete”

To me, this sounds like the epitome of training for a neurotype 2A.

Coach, I literally own every program you’ve had available on your site, over the last 5+ years, with the exception of the neurotype 1A and 3 programs (I am a type 2A).

Between your online programs or T Nation programs, what would you suggest as the best fit for each of the seasons above?

I would love to try this for a year! I can most likely avoid posting anything for a year as well :rofl: I sincerely appreciate all the knowledge you share. If you have the time, thank you I’m advance.

Go read “four seasons of lifting” on Thibarmy. You should get enough detail there that you can match the programs that you’ve purchased/read to the guidelines there.

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