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Best Thermogenics


Hey guys,

I have just started cutting and want to add some thermoegenics to my diet. I would love to get my hands on some HOT-ROX, but unfortunately I cannot get them in Australia! Unless, there are other guys that live in AUS that may know of some place I could get some...Other than this, would anyone recommend another great thermogenic I could use to aid with my cutting.





As a fellow Australian, I'm also very interested. The only products I've seen in Australia are basically natural or 'artificial' caffeine with grapeseed extract and some other stuff thrown in for good measure; nothing I'd really call cutting edge, or that I've ever known to work.

The only glucagon I know is a hormone...






Sorry guys, cant get my hand on any ephidrine or ECO around here either...it sucks.


Hey champ I'm a fellow Aussie,

Have you thought about giving Lipo-6 a go? they have 2 out now, the old one and the new 6X.

Now as for HOT-ROX go here my friend and all the Biotest stuff is there.


or if that dont work, just go to www.biotestaustralia.com and click on the bio test.


Good luck.


yes that's the one i am referring to

it is more thermogenic than any po dunk small molecule can ever wish it was


I hear that Nitor is pretty good, but I don't know if you can get that in Oz either.