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Best Thermogenic?


now that I'm training for a race and started running and doing cardio intervals and cleaned up my diet a lil. I've noticed some nice changs in my body. About 10 lbs lighter. it shows and it feels. and is great motivation to keep going. and it got my thinking of getting a thermogenic to up the results a little. I love the Biotest products. but got to wondering what are some other good thermogenics available other then Biotest.

I've heard about eca. mauhung,yohombie, ephedra,ephedrine etc.... but whcih are realy that impressive. considered clen. but right now just thinking something legal. advice is much appreciated guys. thnaks in advance.


If you’re doing that much cardio it’s a mistake to take something that will make your heart work even harder.

I recommend looking into non-thermogenic fat loss products in your case.


clen is really bad for running.

Makes my calves cramp like a mofo no matter what I do.

Albuterol is better.

Neither is legal in the purest sense of the word.


Curious how I would react with clen?
I do have asthma, and use Albuteroal prn.
Wonder if the clen would help with my asthma at all?

What would you recommend for an natural thermogenic HK2479?

And why wouldnt you recommend something like ephedra/ephedrine?

And what is the differance between ephedra and ephedrine?


ephedra is a stimulant but it doesn’t quite have the cardio boosting capabilities albuterol/clen does.

clen will help with asthma that is its original purpose, granted for animal use.

You feel like shit on clen but you burn fat. Its poor for performance in my opinion.