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Best Thermogenic/Fat Burner

quick question…i just bought a GNC brand thermogenic called cuts and i was reading about it and decided i should return it. then i started reading about another fat burner: NxLabs? Methyl RIPPED?, and also decided its not for me. Question is…what do you guys/girls think is the best and most effective thermogenic/fat burner i can buy in canada(i say that because i know that the ingridients in products vary from the United states to Canada). it would also be cool if anyone knew any other supplements that might help with fat loss while not being a “thermogenic”
or weight loss pill per-say(ex. CLA, green tea, etc.) Thanks in advance.

(and yes, i now realize the question is not so quick…)

green leafy vegetables, i hear they are available in Canada

Might check the store here HOT-ROX has some great reviews


[quote]Phill wrote:
Might check the store here HOT-ROX has some great reviews


Agreed, get some HOT-ROX Extreme. I love the stuff. But like Brahms said the green leafeys are definately important. HOT-ROX will help increase results, but it isn’t a magic pill.

Note: I said increase results, not provide results. You should be able to loose fat on your own, then add HOT-ROX to speed up the process.