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Best Testosterone Booster?


I'm looking for a good T-booster right now, I finished a cycle of Alpha Male with the decycle of Rversitrol, but I didn't feel anything from the Alpha Male. I was wondering what some other people have tried and the results they got. Also, if there is any difference, what E-blockers did people take after>


I've generally had great results with Alpha Male. There is no need for PCT with Alpha Male. I recommend Rez-V as an all around health supplement. I've had blood work done while taking Rez-V and it my E2 levels are lower, and test slightly higher. I haven't had blood work done with Alpha Male, but I certainly 'feel' a difference after about a week or two.

Also, if you're not at least 25 I doubt Alpha Male will do anything for you except maybe increase libido.

Hope this helps.


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your 18 ! i really dont think you need to worry or waist money on t boosters . im 43 and didnt start taking trib till i hit 40 . this is why you didn't feel anything from the Alpha Male , at your age you should have the same t levels as a bull on heat .
more heavy compound lifs n lots of snatch ( get the snatch now while your still young the more the better, oh and post pics ).


If your truly going to take some T-boosters regardless of all the promises of the product It'd be wise to Monitor your T levels (total,free), LH, and FSH before and sometime afterwards of using said product.