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Best Test Supp?


Hey I already take a wide range of Biotest supps and think they are the best. I was just wondering what everyone thought is the best test supp out there. I know I'm going to get the lecture about not needing that and Biotest is all I need, but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions or have tried anything. Safety is also a slight concern for me. I know those supps arent the best for you, but I would like to avoid something that will make my liver fail


Biotest sells Alpha Male which is suppose to be pretty good. RED KAT is also another one you could try. I don't believe either of those are toxic to your liver. If you can find a way to get a hold of some MAG-10 that would be the way to go i believe.


I had great results [according to blood tests] from stacking TRIBEX + M + RED KAT in the past, but these days with Alpha Male available [which combines all of those in one handy bottle] just go with it.

I'm currently using Alpha Male and it appears to be the ducks nuts, but I won't be getting blood tests for another two months or so, and until then can only go on feeling. Oh and none of these will make your liver fail, or even get worse.


A very heavy barbell, lifted off the ground several times. Other than that, I definitely toss my vote in for Alpha Male.



Just curious,
could you post your test results? If you already have and i missed it, could you possibly gimmie a link? Thx,


I forgot to mention that I'm 23 years old. From what I've read is Alpha Male works good for older people whos natural T Levels might be dipping, but wouldn't be as beneficial to younger guys like me. Is this a correct assumption or am I completely off base?


I think this is largely a myth since much of the research I've seen on TRIBEX, which is a weaker version of Alpha Male, was performed on college-age males.


I have never used Alpha Male or even any test supp for that matter. Is the Alpha Male you guys keep referring to the male sex drive pill? RED KAT is also a test enhancer?
I want to try a test supplement but unsure of which route to take


I was 25 when I wrote that review of Alpha Male (I'm 26 now, as if that could possibly matter). From my understanding of the way it works, Alpha Male 'stimulates and maximizes endogenous Testosterone production'. So, even though young stallions such as ourselves may be producing "adequate" Test, something like Alpha Male could help us to 'be all that we can be', follow? Sort of like driving a car. You can drive it just fine with 3/4 a tank of gas. But, it's always a better idea to drive with a full tank.