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Best Test P & Tren Combo?


what is the best way to use this combination?


Have you used Tren before?


not tren but test


I would personally advise you to determine your individual tolerance before you use someone elses 'best combo'.

Doses of tren seem to be subjective, I personally don't like tren as much as others here, but thats because it doesn't agree with me. People it works for will have a very fifferent opinion.

If I were you I would get some Tren Ace, not tren enan, pre load some insulin pins and try 25mg per day Tren on top of something like 300mg of test, at that dose I get no nasty side effects but notice a slight increase in muscle hardness and fat loss and a decrease in apetite. At 50mg a day of tren I get lethargic to the degree I can't train without high doses of caffeine and a loss of appetite, I actually felt very depressed last time which I can only attribute to the tren, this is just me though, how it will effect you may be totally different.

All I am suggesting is you don't jump in at the deep end. Masteron and test prop is a great alternative.

Good luck