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Best Tempo & Reps For Shrugs?



I have a day in my split where i just do shoulders and traps, right.
What is the best tempo and number of reps for Standing DB Shrugs for hypertrophy?
And is it 'productive' to superset with Incline Rear DB Flyes?



I've always like the Smith Machine for shrugs. DBs are a decent change of pace.


i just do deadlifts, rows, and sometimes some cleans for traps.
try not to overthink things


AM Delts
PM Traps

Heavy ass BB shrugs, heavy ass DB shrugs

Go home 8-10 sets + 4 drops (2 drops per exercise)


High weight

High reps

Get a good stretch at the bottom while maintaining tension and get a good contraction at the top.

Superset if you want. But you don't need to do it every week unless you know you grow better from doing the supersets every session.

Try including some sort of barbell or smith shrugs. I like Haney shrugs. Rotate exercise selection if you prefer to do one movement per session.

Use straps when your grip becomes a limiting factor.


Behind the back shrugs with an Olympic bar or a Smith really helped me with some trap size. You could try either of those.


i rip stop signs out of the ground for trap work


From my eperience, you will NOT find a better trap shoulder builder than hang clean. If you want that thickness up top you gotta hit them up.

but to your question I've found sets of eight do the trick and as always slow and controlled

and if you want to really hit that area with a super set just do the delt triad

but if you have to use the db rear delt fly I'd superset it with Barbell pullovers (off the ground)


Tried those for a while but never really got good bang for my buck with it. I know alot of guys swear by them.

My opinion of training upper traps in general is to get used to the DOMS up there (personally I find it the most unpleasant) so you get more confident pushing harder and higher with the load.

Hang cleans...cool exercise but I gave my thoughts on Olympic style lifts for hypertrophy in another thread.

But yeah, nothing like a nice controlled shrug to get things rocking along up there.
Personally I like supersetting shrugs with standing DB shoulder press.


I gotta agree with this...

I've personally never been able to master the hang clean, but the few people I know who have have themselves some thick-ass traps.



sounds good but dont have AM and PM access to my gym

I have considered doing Hang Cleans Off the Hang myself. But i think ill wait until i can get some personal instructions on how to perform them correctly. They are defenately a tricky exercise.

Im doing Rear Flyes particularly because im hoping it will help correct my slump kyphosis :frowning:

As far as trap/posterior delt routine goes ive decided to go for this:

A - Standing DB Shrugs, supersetted with, Bentover Rear Delt Flyes
tempo- 32X4 tempo - 20X2

B - Upright Row with Tricep Cable, 4x8, tempo - 1111

C - Seated Scott Press, 4x8

What you fellas think?


I prefer free weight work as much as poss for shoulder/upper traps, so I prefer free upright rows and presses. However, if you're lifting really heavy on the press I can see why you'd use a machine.


Heavy rack pulls followed by hise shrugs on the Standing calf raise machine works wonders


i think barbells work the best. dumbbells never seem to go heavy enough and on the different machines you need (or at least i do) to stack so much weight on it feels like my shoulders are just gonna crumble.

i think sets of 10 are the best, but once you can't get a full rep anymore then imo either pump out a bunch of partials or try and hold the weight as long as possible in a contraction.