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Best Template for Geared Powerlifting?

Hi Jim (and everybody who wants to help),

I’m a 41 y.o. powerlifter, and after more than a decade of training and competing raw, I decided to start using single-ply gear (knee wraps, squat and DL suit and bench press shirt).

As a raw lifter I’ve enjoyed many 5/3/1 templates, I’ve also bought “5/3/1 for Powerlifting”, but the advice for geared lifter won’t cut it (FOR ME) because I need to practise geared liftng more than a couple of heavy singles as meeting approach.

Thank everybody for the attention.

I tried the nearly the same experiment about 2 1/2 years ago. I can only say what didn’t work. AMRAP in gear was a failure. Down sets in gear also wasn’t good . I eventually ran another program that was linear progression , more designed for single ply PL . That worked better, and I made nice progress on my PL goals. I would do a couple of cycles of 531 in between without the shirt and suit.
The single ply really didn’t help my joints or leave me feeling fresher. It added time to my training and my overall fitness level suffered but my lifts did increase.
I’m back to 531, and feeling better. Good luck

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I used 531 for PL initially (351). As my template back then.

Thank you, Clee !

So, without AMRAP nor down sets, I’m leaning toward something like Advanced 5/3/1 (5x5, 5x3, 5x1), which looks like a linear progression.

I think that would be good. I roughly picked my target weights for my meet and planned backwards 16 weeks of training. I did 2 weeks of 5s, then 4s then 3s,2s then 1s and 2s till the meet. Usually 3-5 sets at the top. A set or 2 no shirt or suit add weight and gear and a few more top end sets. Each 2 week block more weight and less reps. A few top sets without then add weight and gear for the last few sets.
If you have used knee wraps, I used the same philosophy for the shirt and suit.
Good luck and en

I found board presses helped, and reverse band squats , not so much for rack pulls.
Good luck and enjoy!!