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Best Template for Athleticism?


Which template would you say is the best for overall athleticism and fitness?

For example the Beyond 5/3/1 1.1-1.4 seems like a good one, because of the throws and jumps - but then I saw the “Letter to young Jim Wendler” and can’t help but notice that was written for a young athlete specifically (not to mention the use of power cleans and front squats). Or is there a way to implement jumps/throws to the latter program?

Then there’s also the NOV templates…so much to choose from.

Are there any other templates I’m missing suited to this goal? Which is best for this goal?

Thank you.

All of them. Just change your focus/periodize a little over the time and remember the balance of which Mr. Wendler always talks about.

Once again Mr. Rattus nails it.

I train for old-ass track and field. My sport-specific training consists of jumps, throws, and sprints. If I’m completing throwing and sprinting workouts 3-4 days a week, I’m not lifting as much.

Like Jim says, add something in, take something out. Usually, for me, I take it out of assistance work.

That said, any of the 5/3/1 templates I’ve done (by the book/forum, actual Wendler-written templates) have increased or at least maintained my foot speed and jumping ability.

Just manage your overall workload.

How do you plan on measuring athleticism? I assume you are playing a sport?

Currently I am not.

By athleticism, I mean a balance of not just strength, but explosiveness, speed, agility, etc. Elements that not only athletes need, but anyone should have.

I do Agile 8 already regardless of which template I use.

Well- have measurable goals for measurable tests. So damn simple. If only I wrote an article for this very website on this exact subject…

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Some good ideas here…

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Thanks! Going to look into the fighting routine I love it. Especially since I plan to pick up BJJ and can run this twice a week.
Not sure if I’m into dropping the barbell bench and back squat completely though…