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Best tasting water.

Living in Washington state, we were once known for our Olympia beer. The slogan was “It’s the water”. For those that live near Olympia probably laugh when you think about that statement.

My question to you folks is, what’s your favorite tasting water?

For years, I enjoyed Arrowhead water. But it seems that recently, their water production has moved from the foothills of California to Canada. Also, from reading the label, it looks like Nestle has purchased the company and made some big changes. Not that there is anything wrong with Canadian water, but the Arrowhead I used to enjoy now tastes like regular old purified water. (RO w/o trace minerals).

So who is your favorite water? Purified water has become a premium in today’s society. Purified water costs more per gallon than gasoline. You ought to enjoy the taste of it. What is your favorite brand?

I dig Dasani. I go through that stuff like, um, water.

When I NEED to buy water, I’ll always pickup a Dasani. It’s relatively cheap here … like $0.89 for a 20oz. I hate spending money on water as I have a plentiful amount coming out my faucet with a nice purifier attachment.


I don’t know about best tasting (I like it though) but all I drink anymore is distilled water from my home distillation unit. It is amazing the amount of junk that gets removed. After distilling about 10 gallons without cleaning the basin you get this greenish-brown sludge at the bottom.

I just prefer a tap water filter. I would avoid distilled water because it removes minerals. That “sludge” might just be the healthiest part of the water. I also avoid reverse osmosis for this reason. The tap filters also have charcoal, which improves the taste of the water.

I’m like 99% sure that Dasani is Corpus Christi, Tx municipal water.

I use a “Brita” ystem at home, but I go through water pretty fast and sometimes just use my regular tap.

When I buy water though, I go with he Aquafina… I think it’s the best out there.

i agree with most of you. i too also drank arrowhead but it has changed. so now i go for dasani.

Aquafina tastes good too. Dasani isn’t bad either.

The minerals give the water the ‘taste’, and I think they also provide some micronutrients that your body needs. I wonder if people that only drink Reverse Osmosis (RO) water need a mineral supplement? Dunno.

I’m trying to find a cheaper solution for my water needs. Right now I’m between ordering a service and just getting a built-in filter.

you know i’m suprised know one here mentioned deep rock…now thats good