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Best tasting c+p meals

What are some of the best tasting c+p meals you guys have come up with.
I have been mixing cooked egg whites with my oatmeal and it’s pretty damn good considering that there is no added sugar or milk.

Lets here from everyone no matter how crazy the mixture sounds. For example the cottage cheese low carb grow mixture. Sounds nasty but taste great and it’s low in fat and carbs so it’s very versitile.

Eating the same shit everyday can kill a man until he dies from it!

Great Idea! I mix my Oats with a scoop of Choc Protein, tastes a little like soggy choc pebbles

For a P&F - I mix my Cottage cheese with a table spoon of Natural peanut butter. (Right before bed time)

Chicken (grilled) and rice (whole grain).
Chicken and black beans and rice.
Chicken omelette.
Scrammbled eggs, chicken, black beans and rice.
Chicken fajitas with lots of salsa.
Chicken fajitas with black beans and rice.
Scrammbled eggs, chicken, black beans and rice in a flour or corn tortilla (aka; Breakfast fajita)
Chicken and fresh veggies on a small serving of high-protein pasta.
Grilled chicken sandwich on whole-grain bread.
(I’m sounding like a Monty Python skit… “Have you got anything without chicken?!?”)
Pan-seared trout with brown rice and a fresh Spring salad of mixed greens.

What doesn’t make a good P+C meal? There are so many choices out there. I find it more difficult finding P+F meals. But now that I know that I can combine certain veggies with my P+F meals, I have more possibilities, and I feel healthy eating more P+F meals now!

3:16, I eat egg whites and oatmeal too. If you cook your oatmeal in the microwave first, then throw it in a pan with the egg whites and cook it over low heat, the egg whites thicken up and the texture is creamier. Throw in a little cinnamon and Splenda at the end… yummy.

cottage cheese and oatmeal is the best ever if you ask me. although i could eat it 6 times a day.

grilled salmon and mango salsa…good

cottage cheese and oatmeal is the best ever if you ask me. although i could eat it 6 times a day.

grilled salmon and mango salsa…good


where do you get your protein enriched pasta? what type is it?

Da Boxer

P+C meal…

1 banana (can add even more fruit if desired)
1 cup skim milk
1/2 cup cottage cheese (low fat)
1/4 cup wheat germ
2 Tbsp. PB.
(If you like you can add 2 scoops whey as well)

Throw in blender!

P+F meals…

I just tried it the last 2 days…make an eggwhite omlette…slice up 1/2 avocado …place on top…and fold the omlette over…Eat with the other half of the avocado on the side.

Also, Tuna, Ultra Light Miracle Whip and a Tbsp or 2 of olive oil or flax oil mix surprisingly well. Eat right out of the bowl.

I like using a spoonful of Grow to sweeten up plain oatmeal. Could never get tired of that stuff.

there are definatly a lot of p-c meals that are tasty, but I happen to love oats, an apple chopped into the oats, with cinnamon and splenda, add some water (cold) and enjoy with a thick GROW shake, the oats taste really granola like. Next would have to be grilled chicken and yams, oh man, also with cinnamon and splenda:)

As posted on the yogurt thread.

hmmmmmmm yogurt! (in my best Homer Simpson voice)
Just finished brekky,
1 cup of oatmeal nuked for 5 mins with 1.5 cups of H2O (see, I do know some sciencey stuff :-))
1 serv choc pp
1 banana - mashed
3 heaped dessert spoons of lf berry yogurt.

yum yum scrummy yum

Not nice tasting but a staple of bulking cycles
can of tuna and a can of baked bean (chilli style)
can of tuna with can of spagetti
cottage cheese with whey and fruit blended to smoothy
Fritata with last nite roast veges thrown in (kumara, pumkin, potatoes)

Awesome ideas!
How about some protein and fat meal suggestions as well.

Also If wanting to lean out is it better to go with 1 c+p meal pre- workout and surge postworkout, or is it better to go p+f preworkout and then go with surge postworkout?

Maybe JB can step in here?

P+C meals? here ya go:

Favorite meal:1 cup steel cut oats
1 cup blueberries
1 FF blueberry yogurt
2 scoops strawberry protein

2nd Favorite: 2 cups cottage cheese
Half can of YAMS
topped w/atkins syrup, cinnamon, and splenda

1cup Long grain brown rice
2 egg whites scrambled
chopped broccoli, cauliflower
1 chicken breast and teriyaki sauce

11 grain muffin mix(sugar free)add splenda
2 scoops protein powder
trick is to use only 1-1.5 cups of muffin mix
bake and eat this post post-workout

Da Boxer

Apple Raisin Oatmeal

Put 1/2 C oats and handful raisins in a microwave safe bowl. Add 1 cup water and nuke for 2 minutes. Immediately add 1/2 c natural CHUNKY applesauce (I usually add it straight from the 'fridge so it helps cool the outs and I can eat sooner!) and 2 scoops Vanilla Low-Carb Grow. Stir until the protein powder is completely mixed in. Enjoy! A dash of cinnimon optional.

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